You know how to kill, you need do your duty to kill Obama and Bill Clinton Bill Clinton and Obama both committe 室內裝潢d the crimes illega 禮服lly occupied White House must be killed immedi 有巢氏房屋ately; because they obviously showed the crimes to looked down the 信用卡代償 rest of the world, did not think anyone of them can have the guts or ability to see the c 土地買賣rimes they committed. (Supreme Court chief hold the Bible on the scene just like a Priest has the Bible to hear the m 膠原蛋白an and woman said I do. He is out of the Court, he does not judge anyone of you.) Why not Bush junior in his second term? Because h 酒店經紀e already's that President, therefore, like current Iran President, he does not need to wait for his opponent to concede in order to move into the Preside 酒店兼職nt House. That how those Iran Protesters slaved underground chained terrors (Because Islam can do better to be suicide bomber instead of shamelessly liar.)linked to USA liar President B 個人信貸ill Clinton Obama fake man Condi Rice Hillary Clinton must be killed immediately. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 591  .
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